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per person

Ages 18 and up



per person

Must show valid student ID

Kids & Teens


per person

Ages 6 - 17

Young Kids


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Ages 5 and under

Large Group Experiences

For work groups, birthday parties, or other special large groups which cannot fit in one room or wish to come outside of normal business hours, email us at [email protected] to organize your experience!

61 E University Ave, Champaign, IL 61820

217.693.7678 | [email protected]

Game start times

Monday – Thursday: Closed

Friday: 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Saturday: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Sunday: 12:00 pm - 6:30 pm

There is free-to-use parking in front of our building! We have 12 spaces total, so if coming with a large group please try to carpool! Thank you!


There’s 60 minutes on the clock. You’ve been locked in a room and you need to escape. To do so, you must solve clues, puzzles, and riddles to breakout before the time is up. And the clock is ticking…

At Brainstorm Escapes, we offer immersive and exciting escape rooms, each with their own unique theme.

The excitement of escape rooms encourages participants to work together in a high pressure situation by using their wits, intuition, and logic. It’s great for building communication and teamwork, or just having fun! Think your team is up for the challenge? Then book today and let your adventure begin!


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Brainstorm FAQ

What is an escape room?

An Escape Room is a live action game in which people are locked in a themed room. In order to escape, they need to solve a series of clues, puzzles, and riddles within 60 minutes. Think of it as a “game night” on steroids!

Do I have to play with strangers?

Nope! All of our rooms have a minimum ticket requirement to book, but you are guaranteed to only play with your group.

Do I get any hints?

Each group is provided a trusty Brainstorm Trooper to guide you through the room. Your group will have three free hints to use as a team to help you complete your mission.

How long will it take?

You can expect to be at Brainstorm Escapes for around 90 minutes. The game itself will last up to 60 minutes. There is a brief orientation prior to the escape and a short debrief afterwards with a chance for questions and photos. Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your booking.

Would this be good for kids?

Yes! Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, and those under 6 years of age play for free! Check out the difficulty level under our booking panels.

Can I cancel my booking?

Due to the nature of the game, we cannot issue refunds after tickets have been purchased. If an emergency does arise, please call us so we can reschedule your booking to better accommodate your needs.

Do I have to reserve my room ahead of time?

To guarantee your booking time, we recommend reserving your experience in advance. All of our available time slots can be found on our booking website. If we have the room available, we can try to accommodate your spontaneous urge to escape!

What about parking?

We have free-for-customer parking in front of our building. There are 12 spaces available, so if coming with a large group, please try to carpool!